Raccoon Removal Services: Safeguarding Your Newnan Property

racoon sitting in a tree

Newnan, Georgia, epitomizes Southern hospitality with an extra dab of charm. It is known to many as the "City of Homes," making it a fabulous place to put down roots. Whether residents live or work in the busy downtown area or the more sedate locations around Newnan, one masked bandit could make an unpleasant visit to local properties. When raccoons leave their natural habitat and start frequenting properties, it won't be long before raccoon removal in Newnan will become necessary.

Detecting Raccoon Presence: Signs Of Raccoon Activity

Unfortunately for property owners, raccoons are one member of the wildlife community that feels completely comfortable around humans, whether in a rural or urban setting. Typically, Raccoons that live near buildings get lured to properties by their nose, and if they like what they find, they'll likely become frequent visitors.

Four signs that raccoons are visiting properties include:

  1. Pawprints (Forefeet and hindfeet have five long toes with a curved claw on each toe.) around buildings, dumpsters, gardens, and buildings

  2. Fecal droppings (tubular, dark brown/black, two to three inches long, and stinky)

  3. Smudges/Smears by buildings (particularly by downspouts)

  4. Torn-up lawns and vegetable gardens

Raccoons can quickly get comfortable around properties, presenting unique challenges for removal. Health hazards and state laws associated with wildlife removal can get tricky, so having a pest professional like Shane's Pest Solutions is essential. Our pest control specialists are highly trained and abide by state regulations to remove nuisance wildlife.

Raccoons As Property Pests: Understanding The Potential Issues

When you look at a raccoon's face, it typically brings to mind the word "mischief." This intelligent, curious, and adaptive pest's activities in and around properties can result in multiple annoying issues.

Some issues that raccoons bring to Newnan properties include the following:

  • Turned over garbage bins

  • Nesting activities in attics and chimneys

  • Rolled up lawns

  • Destruction of gardens or crops (especially corn)

  • Stealing pet food and animals (poultry)

  • Exposure to rabies

When raccoons get comfortable on properties, they present significant issues both from a property and health aspect. Property owners noticing signs of raccoon activity should always contact a pest professional like Shane's Pest Solutions for raccoon pest control near you.

Raccoon-Proofing Your Premises: Proven Techniques To Prevent Entry

When raccoons search for food, they are willing to travel long distances and are not picky about what foods they consume. Property owners who wish to deter raccoon visits must incorporate some proven raccoon-proofing techniques to keep properties unattractive to nuisance wildlife.

First, property owners must remove attractive food sources. A favorite target for accessible food sources is garbage bins. Using sturdy containers with tight-fitting or clamped-down lids or keeping bins inside garages/sheds is essential. Eliminating bird feeders is also helpful since raccoons eat seeds. Property owners can also consider fencing off crops and gardens to help deter raccoons from accessing fruits and vegetables. Properties with poultry should always keep birds in a building or enclosure for safety in the evenings. Removing outdoor pet foods (especially overnight) is also a sound prevention practice.

Abundant food and water sources may lure raccoons to properties, but access to structures can provide perfect nesting dens that encourage breeding and long-term stays. Raccoons are fond of rooftops, so trimming back overhanging tree branches to cut off easy access is essential. It is also wise to cap chimneys and repair holes or defects on rooftops. Raccoons can also set up dens under porches and decks, so placing barriers around them is smart.

Property owners who deal with crafty animals like raccoons may find their attempts at prevention thwarted; that's why having a relationship with a trusted pest professional like Shane's Pest Solutions for raccoon prevention and control is vital.

Professional Raccoon Control: Ensuring Ethical And Effective Removal

Removing wildlife can prove dangerous, so using a professional raccoon removal expert is essential. Established in 2016, Shane's Pest Solutions is a family and veteran-owned company with deep ties to the Newnan community. Our highly trained pest professionals can identify the source of your wildlife issues, resolve them, and recommend ways to deter future wildlife visits. 

Don't let raccoons and other wildlife pests overrun your property; call Shane's Pest Solutions today for a free evaluation and estimate on our raccoon control solutions.

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