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Pest Solutions In Fayetteville, Georgia

Got Georgia on your mind? Well, if you do, it’s perfectly understandable why. Fayetteville is a suburb of Atlanta filled with beautiful terrain, parks, and outdoor recreation, offering residents that hometown feel mixed with small-town charm. It’s no wonder the city is named one of the best places to live in Georgia. Part of that title is due to it being a family-oriented town and a hub filled with numerous job opportunities. 

Whether you’re looking to start or raise a family or begin your entrepreneurial journey, Fayetteville is the perfect location. However, as you set your sights on an area full of so much potential, it’s essential you also understand what comes with the area: pests. 

At Shane’s Pest Solutions, our main priority is to protect your home or business from harmful pests that can damage your property and compromise the health and safety of those in it. As pest management providers in our Fayette county service area, we pride ourselves on providing quality pest solutions that are honest, affordable, and dependable. We treat your home as if it were our own.

To learn more about our residential and commercial services, reach out to our expert technicians for more information.

Residential Pest Solutions In Fayetteville

You invest in a security system when you want to protect your home against thieves and intruders. Well, the same thing applies to invasive pests. When you want to protect your home and family from pests that can damage your home and spread harmful diseases and bacteria, you invest in residential pest solutions.

At Shane’s Pest Solutions, we don’t believe in one size fits all approaches to pest solutions. Instead, each one of our residential clients receives customized services based on their home's unique pest management needs. With the findings of our thorough inspection, we can determine a quality pest management plan to ensure the removal of current pest infestations and prevent new ones from forming.

All you have to do is choose between our affordable pest management packages: 

  • Basic: $25 per month
  • Advanced: $50 per month
  • Complete: $60 per month

For the best pest solutions around for your home at a price that’s affordable for you and your family, our team here at Shane’s Pest Solutions is proud to offer you our expert services. Reach out to learn more about our pest management plans.

Commercial Pest Solutions In Fayetteville

As a business and in the business of helping others, our team here at Shane’s Pest Solutions understands how important your business reputation is in your community, as well as the health and safety of your employees and customers. These reasons alone are why safeguarding your business from pest threats is our number one concern.

We know that no one business is alike, and that’s why we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing every commercial client with a customized treatment plan specific to their pest problem. If rodents are damaging the wiring in your building or if cockroaches are contaminating every inch of your office space, we guarantee you that we’ll be able to create a treatment plan to eradicate any current infestations and prevent future infestations as well.

Call Shane’s Pest Solutions for safe and effective commercial pest solutions to protect the very business you worked so hard to build.

A Guide To Effective Mosquito Solutions For Your Fayetteville Property

How many times have you tried to enjoy your outdoor space only to come back inside ten minutes later because mosquitoes seemed to have made a buffet out of your exposed skin? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for many Fayetteville residents. 

Georgia's warm and humid weather conditions don’t make reducing mosquito populations any easier. As much as we at Shane’s Pest Solutions would love to tell you that all you need for mosquito solutions is to place citronella candles all over your property, that is not the case. To effectively remove mosquito infestations from your yard, only professional mosquito solutions will get the job done right the first time. 

Because we are pest professionals, of course, we want your business, but we also want you to understand the importance of our services. According to the American Mosquito Control Association, over one million people die worldwide from mosquito-borne diseases every year, making the mosquito the world's deadliest creature. And to think, your yard is infested with the world's deadliest creatures! 

That statistic is pretty alarming, and you, of course, don’t want to be part of that statistic. But that is all the more reason why professional mosquito solutions are so important. To gain control back over your yard and reduce the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. Contact Shane’s Pest Solutions to remove mosquito infestations around your property.

Why Termite Inspections Are So Important For Fayetteville Realtors

As a realtor, you're in the business of selling houses. But before the process of buying or selling a home can start, you first must have a termite inspection. Why, you ask? The answer is because of the severity of damage termites can do to a single home.

Did you know that termites cause over $5 billion in damages and repairs every year for homeowners? That’s because many homeowners neglect to have their homes regularly inspected. Depending on the severity of termite damage to a home, that damage can be so severe that a home in extreme cases can be uninhabitable. The structural integrity of the house has become a danger to its inhabitants.

Termite inspections are vital to the buying and selling process, as it determines if lending companies will lend the buyer the capital to purchase the house. Inspections are, of course, done by professionals and can take up to 45 minutes to complete, based on the findings during the inspection. You ultimately hope there are no findings or evidence of termite damage, as it affects the overall value. However, these inspections are necessary, as nerve-racking as they can be, for not only the buyer and seller but for the realtor as well.

At Shane’s Pest Solutions, we offer wood infestation reports if you’re a realtor. Complete our form to submit your request. Once we receive your request, we’ll set up a date and time to perform the inspection and deliver our findings.

How Can I Tell If I Have Bed Bugs in Fayetteville?

Bed bug infestations in Fayetteville are one of the most difficult to identify because they can be located in hard-to-reach places like electrical outlets, mattresses, and household furniture. That said, here are some of the most common ways that you can tell if you have a bed bug problem in your Fayetteville home:

  • Smelling a strong, moldy odor that is actually released from bed bug pheromones
  • Finding eggs, eggshell casings, or nymphs
  • Adult bed bugs that are alive or dead
  • The presence of other pests like cockroaches, red imported fire ants, and spiders
  • Blood stains or rusty smears on sheets, pillowcases, and blankets
  • Shed body parts or exoskeletons that appear as part of the molting process
  • Tiny black specks that look like dirt or pepper but that are actually fecal matter
  • Getting tiny clusters of red bites that you don’t remember 

If you’ve discovered any of these signs in your home, then you’re likely encountering bed bugs. At Shane’s Pest Solutions, we customize our bed bug removal to your specific needs in order to completely eliminate your infestation. Our services begin with a detailed inspection and we’ll stand by our results to give you restful nights. For more information on our services, please call us today.

Everything A Fayetteville Homeowner Ever Wanted To Know About Fire Ants

Fire ants are common pests for Fayetteville homeowners, but these ants are not like every other ant in the area. Here are the most important things that locals ought to know about these ants:

  • Fire ants are aptly named and easy to identify because of their coloring. The fire ant can appear in a range of red coloring. 
  • These ants are usually attracted to oily, fatty, or greasy foods. Be cognizant about food residue by cleaning grills often and storing trash in a bin with a lid.
  • Fire ants will also eat other insects and pests, one of which is bed bugs. 
  • While fire ants usually live outside, homeowners may find them indoors due to foundation flaws or entry points in HVAC systems. 
  • These are very territorial creatures that will sting anyone who threatens their mound. Some of the side effects of getting stung include chills, fever, and streaky hives. 

For more information on fire ant treatment in Fayetteville, call Shane’s Pest Solutions today.

Six Easy Tips To Keep Wildlife Away From Your Fayetteville Property

Wildlife can be problematic for your Fayetteville property, so try these six easy tips to keep them away: 

  1. Store outdoor trash carefully. Wildlife animals are experts are finding food and they will rummage through trash to find meals. Always keep outdoor trash in bins with lids and don’t miss trash day. 
  2. Decorate the yard. Try using decoy animals and mylar balloons to make your property less appealing to wildlife. 
  3. Clean up the yard. Give wildlife fewer places to live and nest around your property by scaling back trees, hedges, and other harborage areas. 
  4. Fix moisture issues. Take away water sources by fixing leaks when they appear and don’t allow condensation to accumulate. 
  5. Fill in the gaps. Keep wildlife out of your attic or basement by filling in crevices with materials like wire mesh and expanding foam. 
  6. Bring in help. There’s no substitute for professional help when it comes to dealing with potentially harmful wildlife. 

At Shane’s Pest Solutions, our technicians have been specifically trained to deal with wildlife. We start with a whole-home inspection to check for gnaw marks, torn window screens, and damage to your attic. From there, we’ll install exclusion work to prevent future wildlife invasions. These services come with a one-year warranty. And if your home requires additional help, we’ll point you in the right direction. For more information on wildlife solutions in Fayetteville, please call us today.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Cockroaches In My Fayetteville Home?

Cockroaches in Fayetteville are sneaky scavengers that will do anything in order to get inside your home when they’re looking for food or water. But don’t confuse these pests with the likes of nuisance ants or spiders; cockroaches are all very dangerous to have around your property. One of the ways why they’re so risky is that cockroaches are known to attract venomous spiders like the black widow and the brown recluse and serve as their meal. But perhaps the most significant reason behind the cockroach’s dangerous nature are the health risks that they’re affiliated with. Through their feces, skin, and saliva, cockroaches can spread salmonellosis, streptococcus infections, E. coli infections, dysentery, giardia, and gastrointestinal issues.

Finally, cockroaches are dangerous because they are very difficult to evict from your property, which only allows all of the aforementioned issues to perpetuate. Cockroaches are tough to get rid of because they are nocturnal, live out of sight from people in places like cupboards, and populations can grow exponentially due to their rapid reproductive habits. The average cockroach can lay one egg sac each month for 10 months, with each sac containing approximately 15 eggs, making an infestation quickly grow. For more information on cockroach removal, call Shane’s Pest Solutions today.

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