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Fire Ant Treatment In Newnan, GA

Comprehensive Fire Ant Solutions For A Safer Newnan Home

Fire ants in Newnan are bad news for any property owner since their colonies number in the hundreds, and they're highly aggressive. Unfortunately, if you don't know what to look for, it's all too easy to come across one of their nest mounds, leaving you open to multiple stings.

We don't believe you should have to deal with such a troublesome pest, which is why we focus on taking the steps necessary to get you back to fire ant-free. Our Newnan, GA service professionals are experienced and trained, so you know you're saying goodbye to fire ants permanently when teaming up with Shane's Pest Solutions!

Our Fire Ant Treatment Process

We take your safety and well-being seriously, which is why we get to work quickly to eliminate your fire ant problems. We always begin with a comprehensive inspection of your property to accomplish this.

Once the inspection is complete, we'll get to work on your treatment. Depending on our findings and the location of the infestation, the treatment methods will differ.

Some possible treatment methods we'll use include but aren't limited to:

  • Mound drenching: A pesticide is poured directly onto the fire ant mound. We only do this for mounds discovered outside.
  • Two-Step Method: With this method, we use baits and individual mound treatments in succession.

For indoor mounds, we'll look at treating the mound in places where ant activity has been seen but not in the direct line of their trail. This method enables the worker ants to bring the bait back to their colonies and spread the pesticide.

Fire Ant Infestation Signs & Professional Treatments

Since fire ant nests are unnoticeable at first glance, you must know what to look for to remain protected. Some ways to identify their mound are they have no center hole for entering and exiting like other ant species. Also, fire ants gravitate to wet zones on your property, meaning if you see a mound, you likely have fire ants.

Don't wait if you suspect fire ants on your property. This species can reproduce quickly, leading to greater problems down the road. Do you suspect fire ants on your property? Contact Shane's Pest Solutions today to discuss your Newnan home pest solutions and commercial pest management options. We'll have you fire ant-free in no time!

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