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Mosquito Reduction Program In Newnan, GA

Relief From Mosquitoes For Newnan Homeowners

If you've lived in Georgia for any amount of time, you're likely all too familiar with the presence of irritating outdoor mosquitoes in Newnan. These tiny pests are loud, annoying, and downright time-consuming, forcing homeowners to engage in non-stop swatting just to keep their arms and legs safe. However, mosquitoes aren't just frustrating to deal with; they can spread serious illnesses such as Zika, chikungunya, dengue, and even West Nile virus. Newnan is a hotspot for mosquito activity of all kinds and a huge risk factor for anyone just trying to enjoy their time outside. What's a homeowner to do?

Eliminate the constant fear of bites and take back control of your lawn with help from the professional pest solutions in Newnan at Shane's Pest Solutions. Our unique program delivers outstanding results and exceeds all expectations by helping locals feel safe, comfortable, and totally risk-free.

Mosquito Solutions From Shane's Pest Solutions

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Shane's Pest Solutions is one of the leading mosquito service providers in the Newnan area, with years of experience eliminating all subsets of the Georgian mosquito's life cycle. We carefully implement a multi-treatment response on all populations and focus on making your yard less conducive to future populations.

We currently offer a monthly mosquito reduction program. Our technicians will visit your home every month to apply our outstanding solutions.

We also offer a one-time mosquito treatment. Get mosquito protection for a special event with the team at Shane's Pest Solutions.

If you're not sure which one of our mosquito solutions is best for you, Shane's Pest Solutions team is always ready to help. Call us today for a free quote, and book an inspection at your earliest convenience.

How To Stop Mosquitoes From Invading Your Yard

If you're concerned about the number of mosquitoes near your Newnan home even after a one-time treatment, there's no need to worry. Shane's Pest Solutions offers a wide array of prevention tips and advice focused on stopping mosquito populations from growing and diversifying. These include:

  • Reducing standing water: This will help remove the presence of eggs and larvae in the area, keeping them from hatching nearby. Focus on eliminating containers or tarps that hold water for more than a few days, and never dump standing water into the gutter or yard.
  • Mowing the grass: Large mosquito populations tend to come out when the grass is higher, making this simple maintenance task a must-do. Be sure to mow during the morning or evening hours, and refrain from cutting the grass too short.
  • Book monthly treatments: One-time services may not be enough to manage mosquito populations on their own. For this reason, it may be more economical (and cost-effective) to book monthly services from Shane's Pest Solutions.

Make the most of your lawn with mosquito solutions built to last. Contact us today for a free estimate at your earliest convenience.

Shane's Pest Solutions Is Standing By To Help

If you're looking for professional pest solutions in the Newnan, GA area, Shane's Pest Solutions has your back. Our specialized home pest management and commercial pest solutions can help reduce mosquito populations almost immediately and allow you to take back your yard from pesky pests in record time.

Whether it's a one-time service or monthly treatments you're after, our team will come alongside you to find a solution that works best. To schedule an inspection, call our main office right away.

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