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Pest Solutions In Newnan, Georgia

Located about 40 miles southwest of Atlanta, living and working in Newnan, GA is truly wonderful. Comprised of six historic districts, our lovely town is full of quaint streets lined with Victorian homes. While owning property in Newnan is certainly a pleasure, there are still present dangers to consider, such as the threat of pest infestations. The most effective way to protect your home or business from the dangers of an infestation is to call in the pest experts. That's where we come in.

Shane's Pest Solutions is a veteran, family-owned and operated company that serves the local community with quality pest solutions. Since 2016, we've been offering pest management services to residential and commercial properties throughout Coweta County. We prioritize protecting our customers and eradicating their pest problems so that they can rest easier and live their lives pest-free and protected. Give us a call today to get your free evaluation and estimate.

Residential Pest Solutions In Newnan


Here at Shane's Pest Solutions, we offer comprehensive home pest protection. Once we've assessed the conditions of your pest problem on your property, our expertly trained professionals will implement the appropriate treatments catered to meet your needs. Some of our residential pest services in Newnan include:

  • Using products to treat attics and crawl spaces as needed.
  • Interior treatments around entry points such as behind or in appliances, plumbing, etc.
  • Exterior treatment using a dual perimeter barrier.
  • Use of liquid and granular products as needed.
  • Knocking down spider webs using a webster.

We deal with all kinds of common area intruders including cockroaches, ants, scorpions, earwigs, silverfish, and many others. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Commercial Pest Solutions In Newnan

As part of our Newnan commercial pest solutions, our exterminators work hard to keep pests out of your business. First, we perform a thorough inspection both inside and outside your facility to determine the extent of your pest management needs. Then, we customize a treatment plan to meet your needs. From there, we'll give you our recommendations, set up your account, and get the process started.

After our initial service, we provide routine services for the interior and exterior on an ongoing basis. We offer personalized plans, doing site-specific liquid and granular treatments. We also check and replace traps during our follow-up services, monitor boards, replenish bait boxes, and treat the exterior. Our team is dedicated to your continued protection, and we offer monthly visits for general pest services and rodent baiting. Contact us to learn more.

Can Fire Ants In Newnan Be Dangerous?

Fire ants are territorial ants that usually only sting when they feel threatened. At this point, they can become aggressive and crawl vertically up surfaces, ready to bite anything in their path. For most people, getting bitten by a fire ant means mild pain, possible welts, irritation, and maybe some nausea. However, everyone reacts differently to a fire ant bite.

Young children and the elderly, for example, are more likely to have adverse reactions. Additionally, people with serious allergies can go into anaphylactic shock, making the fire ant bite fatal in certain cases. On top of being dangerous, fire ants can be extremely hard to get rid of.

If you're dealing with fire ants on your Newnan property, the best plan of action is to contact your local pest professionals. The team at Shane's Pest Solutions is here to protect your home or business from a fire ant infestation and the dangers that come with it. Call today for your complimentary evaluation and estimate.

The Benefits Of Quality Realtor Services In Newnan

Being a good realtor means knowing about the property you're selling. If there's a problem, such as pest activity or property damage, you need to know about it. Professional pest evaluations help buyers and sellers feel more comfortable with their purchase, knowing the property's condition so they can make the most educated decision. Our realtor services in Newnan include:

  • Wood Infestation Reports (WDI/WDO) (included with the complimentary inspection).
  • Evaluation of the property and complete residential pest inspection.
  • Determining all pest problems and offering a detailed report of our findings.
  • Realtor inspections customized as needed for pest management, mosquito reduction, and termite treatments.

For quality realtor services in Newnan, give us a call today. The team at Shane's Pest Solutions helps you get a full picture understanding of the property at hand, allowing you to move forward in total confidence, knowing the condition of the home from the inside out before signing any contracts. Reach out to us today to request your Wood Infestation Report, and we'll get your appointment on the calendar right away.

Are Bed Bugs In Newnan Dangerous?

Bed bugs are parasites that feed off of human blood in order to survive and reproduce. They come out primarily at night when the body is at its warmest and proceed to feed for a few minutes until they are full. At that time, they retreat to their home, which is likely a mattress or nightstand.

While bed bugs feed off of blood, they are not actually considered very dangerous. The allergic reactions that people experience vary from case to case, but some people also report an increase in stress from dealing with an infestation and sleepless nights. Additionally, some people experience asthma attacks and allergic reactions from bed bug eggshells and eggs.

For more information on bed bug control services in Newnan, contact Shane’s Pest Solution today.

A Guide To Effective Mosquito Control For Your Newnan Property

Mosquito season in Newnan can be difficult to navigate, with these pesky pests leaving you covered in itchy and uncomfortable bites. Here are a few simple yet effective tips from local pest experts so that you can start enjoying your home again:

  • Look for standing water. One of the most desirable conditions that your property can possess for mosquitoes is areas of stagnant water. It’s important to change out the water in kiddie pools, your pets’ water dishes, and bird baths, while also not allowing water to collect in puddles around your property. 
  • Make your yard uninhabitable. A mosquito’s second favorite place to lay their eggs is amidst yard debris, so be sure to make your property unappealing by mowing often, clearing away leaves, and scaling back hedges to expose more sunlight.
  • Address the human factor. The main goal of a mosquito is to access human blood and there are so many things that lure them to people. In order to make yourself less enticing to them, use an EPA-approved product like picaridin, limit the amount of alcohol you consume, and don’t use scented hygiene products. 
  • Work with a pest pro. The most effective way to reduce mosquito populations is with seasonal treatments and a pest-free guarantee. 

At Shane’s Pest Solutions, we provide homeowners with seasonal mosquito control that involves monthly treatment applications during the season as well as one-time visits for special occasions. We guarantee an itch-free yard for all of our mosquito customers, so if any issues persist between our regularly scheduled visits, we will perform re-treatments as necessary. For more information on Newnan mosquito control services, please call us today.

Importance Of Professional Termite Protection For Newnan Homes And Businesses

Termites have the possibility to be one of the most expensive pests that Newnan homeowners and businesses have to deal with during the year. They are responsible for approximately 5 billion dollars in damage in the U.S. These types of issues can be effectively prevented and eliminated with the help of a pest control professional.

Professional assistance can entail routine monitoring that the average person is not capable of providing, but it can also mean installing proactive bait stations to stop termites in their tracks. Not only does working with a pro help to avoid termite infestations, but it is also the most effective way to address a current problem. Some termite infestations can contain upwards of a million members and they are usually located in hard-to-reach areas like inside walls, ceilings, and foundations. Another important component of working with a professional is that these services are backed by extensive training and professional-grade products, so they offer the most trusted service period.

At Shane’s Pest Solutions, we provide property owners with termite control services in Newnan that include professional inspections and monitoring, granular applications, bait stations, and trenching. The result of our work is a termite-free property that our customers can enjoy. For more information on these services, please call us today.

What To Do When The Wildlife Show Up

Wildlife is an unavoidable part of living in Newnan, and these animals have the ability to bring damage and danger to local properties. Whether that means pest birds roosting in local attics or raccoons scampering around, wildlife must be dealt with by highly trained professionals.

At Shane’s Pest Solutions, we are the local team of pest experts that countless homeowners and businesses trust for wildlife issues on their properties. Our wildlife control services in Newnan begin with an extensive property evaluation so that we can determine how animals like squirrels, raccoons, and birds are interacting with a home or place of business and what’s responsible for attracting them in the first place. From there, we build a customized treatment plan that revolves around exclusion, which is a humane and sustainable practice to keep animals away.

We provide whole-home services because we do not believe in taking chances when it comes to wildlife. Each of our exclusion services comes with a one-year guarantee, so if any wildlife activity continues, we will reevaluate the methods we’ve implemented and perform re-treatments until we’ve successfully resolved the issue.

For more information on professional wildlife removal, please give us a call today.

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