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Pest Solutions In Peachtree City, Georgia

Located in the South Metro Atlanta area in central Georgia, is the beautiful city of Peachtree City, Georgia. This town has its distinct suburban feel strengthened by its numerous open spaces, parks, and lakes. As the city is in such a tranquil location, it’s no wonder so many people not only love to visit the area but many call this place home.

However, because the city has such beautiful landscapes and natural scenery, it’s not uncommon to expect insects and wildlife in the area. You will find everything from fire ants and mosquitoes to termites and rodents, and there’s no denying that pests are a problem for homes and businesses in the area.

Fortunately, at Shane’s Pest Solutions, we have helped Peachtree City residents for over a decade. We are a local, veteran-owned, and operated pest management company with deep roots in Fayette County, our reputation built on honesty, dependability, and affordability. We can provide top-notch pest and wildlife services with our latest tools and equipment. As your top-rated pest management provider in our Fayette County service area, we are happy to serve youGive us a call today to set up your services.

Residential Pest Solutions In Peachtree City

Do you ever feel like your home is a magnet for pests while other homes in your neighborhood don’t seem to have the magnitude of pest problems that you have? If you’ve ever felt like this, you’re not alone. In most cases, an infestation in your home with certain pests is because your home has a conducive environment.

Maybe you have areas in your yard with standing water. Then again, perhaps there are areas on the exterior of your home that need a little TLC; for instance, your home may have holes or cracks in the foundation. These things all invite pests into your yard and home.

Fortunately, the team at Shane’s Pest Solutions is here to help you get rid of pests. For over a decade, we’ve helped Peachtree City residents eliminate unwanted visitors using our environmentally safe methods to rid your home of these troublesome pests. Call our experts today to restore your home and regain peace of mind with our effective residential pest solutions.

Commercial Pest Solutions In Peachtree City

At the start of your business, it probably included many late nights and early mornings, all to reach success. You, of course, had to put more focus on specific areas than others, but it all played out. Your business is at its current level of success, and that's why you have had Peachtree City residents support you along the way.

However, after all, you’ve gone through to reach success, did you know that a bad reputation can destroy everything you worked so hard to build? That’s the kind of thing pests can do to a business.

Pests, whether cockroaches, ants, or rodents, don’t belong in your business, and any sight of any of them can ruin your business reputation. Additionally, depending on which pest invades your business, your customers and employees are at health risk, and the overall physical structure of your building may be as well.

Contact Shane’s Pest Solutions to schedule commercial pest solutions today adnd protect your business from all pest threats.

Expert Advice On Fire Ant Treatments For Your Peachtree City Property

If there’s one thing about fire ants, it’s the fact that when they invade, they invade in numbers. These colonies of ants can have colonies of hundreds of thousands of ants. One way to tell if you have a fire ant problem is the mounds they create in your yard. Mounds outside your home mean that there’s a probability that they’ll enter your home as well.

The best way to prevent fire ants from entering your home is to treat your home’s exteriors properly. Common ways to treat your yard include mound drenching, baits, and dust. And while you can do these methods on your own, it’s recommended that you have treatments done by professionals. Any misstep you make in treatment can not only aggravate a fire ant colony, but you may end up with a massive infestation that you can't eliminate.

Professional fire ant treatment can rid your home of a fire ant infestation. Call our experts at Shane’s Pest Solutions.

Five Ways You Could Be Wrong About Peachtree City Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been around for quite some time, from around 100 A.D. Since their emergence, there have been theories and misconceptions about them that have many Peachtree residents unsure about how to treat them.

Fortunately, at Shane’s Pest Solutions, we are your Peachtree City pest management experts. We are here to break down and debunk, or debug, some relatively common misconceptions about bed bugs.

  1. Bed bugs jump and fly: If you believe that bed bugs can jump and fly, you do indeed “got it all wrong.” Bed bugs don’t have wings, nor do their legs allow them to jump the same way as ticks or fleas do. What bed bugs can do is crawl at a speed of one meter per minute.
  2. Bed bugs are only found on beds: You don't only find bed bugs on beds, contrary to their name. Bed bugs typically stay close to the source of blood or heat. These pests are anywhere people spend sedentary time, such as couches and chairs. However, you can also find these blood-feeders on carpet or rugs, electrical outlets, drawer crevices, and cupboards.
  3. You can’t see bed bugs with the naked eye: This statement is false. Younger bed bugs and the eggs of bed bugs are a little more challenging to see, but adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed, and they’re a dark reddish-brown color; They can be even darker after a blood meal.
  4. You only get bed bugs if you live in a dirty house: One thing about bed bugs is that they don’t discriminate. You can find these pests in spotless luxury apartments or million-dollar homes just as well as in undesirable, dirty environments. The cleanliness of a particular property does not determine the probability of an infestation; however, clutter does make it more challenging to detect. 
  5. Bed bugs transmit diseases: Bed bugs may cause many things, but diseases and bacteria are not one of them. Certain people don’t have any reaction to bed bug bites. And for those who do, the symptoms include anxiety, itchiness, and sleepless nights. However, excessive scratching can cause a secondary infection, especially if you’re scratching with dirty fingernails. Nonetheless, bed bug bites themselves do not transmit diseases.

Knowing these facts about bed bugs, you can now make an informed decision on proper treatment. Give us a call at Shane's Pest Solutions to assist you in completely eradicating your home from a bed bug infestation.

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