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Ants In Newnan, GA

What are ants?

Ants are social insects which means they live in colonies with hundreds of thousands of individuals. Most species you will encounter are nuisances, but there is one particular type of ant that everyone should be aware of–fire ants.

Fire ants are an invasive species to the United States, which means they cause a lot more problems than native ants. These problems include damaging crops and plants, displacing other ant species, and putting a strain on a balanced ecosystem. Keep ants away from your property with a residential pest treatment from Shane's Pest Solutions. 

Are ants dangerous?

Besides the harm fire ants do to an ecosystem, this species is also very aggressive. Like other social insects, fire ants have the instincts to protect their queen and colony. If a mound is disturbed, fire ants will swarm. Fire ants can bite and sting, so they bite a victim and deliver multiple painful stings. In large amounts, the venom of these insects can be dangerous, and for those allergic, only a small amount will cause a reaction.

Although other species are not as dangerous as fire ants, they can still cause contamination in a home, making people sick.

Why do I have an ant problem?

There are several reasons why you might have an ant problem inside and outside your home. These reasons include access to food, water, and a desirable place to establish their colony.

As scavengers, ants will eat just about anything from rotting produce, crumbs, residue on food containers, pet food, and much more. They are small insects that can easily squeeze through tiny cracks in a home's exterior.

Where will I find ants?

While many species prefer to build their nests in protected areas, fire ants like open areas that get a lot of sun exposure, and though they'd rather stay outdoors, fire ants, like other species, will find their way inside if there is food. Once one ant locates food, they release chemicals to attract other colony members.

How do I get rid of ants?

The most effective way to deal with an infestation of any ant species in Newnan is with the help of our trained and knowledgeable Newnan pest management team at Shane's Pest Solutions. We offer specialty services for fire ants because we know just how dangerous and difficult they are to deal with.

You can trust our general pest solutions for all other ant species to provide the protection and treatments you need to keep ants out of your home. 

Call us at Shane's Pest Solutions to learn more about how you can have an ant-free home.

How can I prevent ants in the future?

The number one way to prevent a future infestation of any pest is with ongoing professional pest control. However, it would help if you still did the following on your property to reduce conducive conditions:

  • Keep kitchens and eating areas clear of food debris.
  • Store dry goods in airtight containers and produce in the refrigerator.
  • Pick up fallen fruit outside.
  • Rinse food containers, cans, and jars before throwing them away and clean garbage cans of residue when necessary.
  • Repair any leaks and remove water-damaged wood.
  • Seal any cracks in the foundation and exterior walls of your home.
  • Cut any branches that are touching the side of your house.

Our experts at Shane's Pest Solutions are ready to tell you how to get started with our services and more helpful prevention tips!

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