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Earwigs In Newnan, GA

What are earwigs?

This insect has six legs, antennae, and wings. However, an earwig's wings are tiny, and they rarely ever use them. They range in size between ¼ to 1-inch long and have a flat and slender body, including a pair of pincers. Earwigs are usually a variation of dark brown.

When encountering earwigs in your home, reach out to Shane's Pest Solutions for immediate home pest solutions!

Are earwigs dangerous?

Due to their pincers, you might assume earwigs are dangerous. Although they can deliver a painful pinch, they are not likely to break through the skin. Earwigs can also bite, but they rarely do, and they are not aggressive pests; this means they won't intentionally bite or pinch people but will do so in defense. In either case, earwigs don't have venom or spread diseases.

Why do I have an earwig problem?

When it gets cold outside, earwigs and other pests might look to residential properties for warmth. They will also seek moisture in your home if it is too dry outside.

Earwigs can get inside through damaged screens, gaps around windows and doors, and other cracks in the exterior. They can also be brought in accidentally by hitchhiking in things such as storage boxes, potted plants, and bundles of wood.

Where will I find earwigs?

One unfortunate place you might find earwigs is in beds because they like warm places to hide and not because they are known to crawl into ears. Earwigs are no more likely than any other pest to go near your ears.

You can also find earwigs:

  • in basements.
  • by baseboards.
  • bathrooms.
  • under sinks.
  • in other place where there might be moisture.

How do I get rid of earwigs?

If you are dealing with earwigs in your Newnan home, there is a good chance there are other pests, too, because many insects are attracted to similar conditions. Because of this, you should work with us at Shane's Pest Solutions.

Our Newnan, GA pest solutions provide quarterly residential and commercial pest treatment services to treat and prevent pests like earwigs. Learn more about our general pest control solutions at Shane's Pest Solutions by contacting us today!

How can I prevent earwigs in the future?

You can do several things around your home to help reduce the likelihood of pests, such as earwigs, including removing entry points, food sources, and moisture.

To remove entry points, you should repair and install screens on all windows and doors, as well as seal gaps and cracks in the home's exterior. Reducing lights at night can also help to make your home less attractive to earwigs.

For earwigs, food can consist of decaying organic matter and other pests, so you should keep your yard clear of debris like leaves and properly contain compost. Removing organic matter will also help reduce moisture in your yard; however, you should also repair leaks and use dehumidifiers in your home where necessary.

For year-round protection, call us at Shane's Pest Solutions.

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