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Wood-Destroying Organisms In Newnan, GA

What are wood-destroying organisms?

When people think about wood-destroying problems and pests, they likely think about termites, carpenter ants, or carpenter bees; however, they often overlook two other types of wood-destroying issues. These are powder post beetles and fungi.

Powderpost beetles are a reddish-brown to black color. They have a narrow body between 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch long. Their larvae are usually a creamy-white color and have c-shaped bodies.

Although it is not a pest, there are types of fungi that are wood-destroying organisms. This kind of fungi requires wood with a high moisture content to develop.

Utilizing a home pest control treatment plan from Shane's Pest Solutions is the most effective to protect your home from wood-destroying organisms in Newnan. 

Are wood-destroying organisms dangerous?

Wood-destroying pests and fungi cause some of the most serious problems a home can have. These problems can leave a home's structure weak and susceptible to collapse.

Why do I have a wood-destroying organism problem?

Powderpost beetles commonly find their way into homes through infested wood, such as untreated lumber, wood stored outside, barn wood, or furniture. Females lay their eggs inside wood where larvae will hatch. Powderpost beetle larvae can take up to five years to fully develop into adults, which is why they can infest homes without being noticed.

Wood-destroying fungi occur in homes where conditions are conducive. These conditions include mild temperatures, oxygen, water, and nutrients. These fungi can infest and eat away at a home's structural integrity if all of these are present.

Where will I find wood-destroying organisms?

When powderpost beetle larvae feed, they leave pinholes and fine sawdust piles. Because of the wood they infest, you'll commonly find them in basements, attics, and garages. They might also be in furniture and DIYs made out of barn wood.

You will find wood-destroying fungi in similar places as powderpost beetles because these areas are regularly affected by moisture problems. These fungi can destroy doorframes, floors, fences, and more.

How do I get rid of wood-destroying organisms?

If you are dealing with a wood-destroying problem, you should contact us at Shane's Pest Solutions. It is best to get expert assistance for proper identification, a safe WDI/WDO inspection, and effective pest control when dealing with these types of pests and fungi.

Our Newnan, GA service professionals are ready to assist you with the wood-destroying problems you are experiencing in Newman, GA. Call us today at Shane's Pest Control to learn more!

How can I prevent wood-destroying organisms in the future?

No one wants to deal with wood-destroying pests and fungi. Not only are they dangerous, but costly as well. Keep your home protected from these problems by using the following prevention tips:

  • Use treated wood instead of untreated.
  • Don't bring barn wood into your home or use outdoor wood for indoor purposes.
  • Make sure your home is adequately ventilated, especially in crawl spaces, bathrooms, kitchens, attics, and basements.
  • Replace any damaged moisture barriers.
  • Reduce the moisture that collects around your home's foundation by using crushed rocks to create a barrier and clearing gutters.

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