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Termite Reports For Ultimate Protection In Your Newnan Home

Buying a home is a big investment and one that you will want to protect at all costs. When wood-destroying insects in Newnan such as termites get into your property, your investment very suddenly can become a nightmare to deal with. In many cases, you will want some assurance that your new home is free of the pests that threaten it.

At Shane’s Pest Solutions, we offer termite reports. These reports will confirm that your new home is free of pest activity and provide peace of mind that your investment is safe. Call today to learn more.

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Each termite report we provide also includes a complimentary residential inspection. This inspection will determine where wood-destroying insect activity may be present, as well as the extent of your potential infestation. Termites in Newnan are among the most common wood-destroying pests in the area, but these pests work silently from within your home and can be difficult to detect.

Here are some common signs of a termite infestation:

  • Buckling floorboards

  • Hollow or damaged wood

  • Mud tubes

  • Sagging ceilings

  • Shed wings from termite swarmers

  • Wood shavings (frass)

We will perform a complete evaluation of your property, determining our findings once we complete the inspection. If we find termite activity on your property, we also offer effective termite solutions to get rid of these pests for good!

An Investment In Us Is An Investment In Your Home

When you buy a house, the first thing on your mind should always be how you will keep it safe from the things that threaten it. By investing in professional solutions in Newnan provided by your local experts at Shane’s Pest Solutions, you can rest assured your investment will remain in good hands. Our family owned and operated pest control company offers top-of-the-line home pest management and commercial pest solutions in Newnan.

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