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Scorpion Solutions In Newnan, GA

Protecting Your Newnan Home From Scorpions

When you think of the pests that are common in Georgia, scorpions are probably not one of the first pests to come to mind. However, there are a couple of scorpion species that live in Newnan, and it is possible to find them on your property or even in your house. 

Southern devil scorpions and striped bark scorpions are both active in our area. Luckily, neither of these scorpion species are particularly dangerous. They do sting, but the average person will experience symptoms similar to if they were stung by a wasp. Their venom is not potent enough to cause severe illness or death. Even so, scorpion removal is the right course of action if you find scorpions on your property.

If southern devil scorpions or striped bark scorpions end up on your Newnan property or in your house, you may be concerned about their presence, and rightfully so. Even though they might not cause serious harm, they are still pests that you don’t want to come into contact with or have around your property. Shane’s Pest Solutions offers the scorpion control in Newnan that you need to get rid of your scorpion problem.

Why You Need Scorpion Control For Your Newnan Property

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As previously mentioned, the types of scorpions in Newnan are not particularly dangerous. The only truly dangerous scorpions in the United States live in the Southwest and are called bark scorpions. However, just as you try to avoid stinging insects, even if you’re not allergic to their stings, you also want to avoid scorpions and their stings.

Like spiders, scorpions are arachnids. While they share features such as a hard exoskeleton and eight legs, scorpions also sport an intimidating pair of claws and segmented tail with a stinger on the end. They are nocturnal creatures that feed on insects, such as crickets and roaches. Because they’re nocturnal, you’re unlikely to see scorpions scurrying around your property during the day. Instead, they’ll spend their days hidden under rocks or leaves or in holes they’ve dug in the soil. During particularly dry spells or extremely hot weather, scorpions will often move into Newnan homes to get out of the elements. They find small cracks or holes in the sides of your house and take up residence in cool, damp basements, crawl spaces, or even in attics. 

Even though they may be considered more of a nuisance pest, you still don’t want scorpions getting into your home. While not generally aggressive, scorpions will deliver a venomous sting when they feel threatened. A chance encounter as you pull a box out of your basement can leave you with a painful sting. Furthermore, if you have children or small pets, you’ll want to make sure they don’t come into contact with scorpions, whether in your house or around your yard.

To get rid of scorpions, you need home pest control solutions from Shane’s Pest Solutions. We have been serving Newnan since 2016, and our professionals have over 17 years of pest control experience. As lifelong Georgia residents, we understand the pests here and provide the comprehensive and high-quality treatments needed to remove scorpions and other pests from your property. We’ll provide you with a complimentary evaluation, design a customized treatment plan to target the scorpions on your property, and provide the follow-up services necessary to protect your Newnan home and family from scorpions in the future. Our quarterly pest protection plans can keep your Newnan home scorpion-free as well as protected from underlying pest issues that often attract scorpions to area properties.

Let Shane’s Pest Solutions Solve Your Scorpion Problems

Scorpions do not have to be an issue around your Newnan home. At Shane’s Pest Solutions, we not only provide effective scorpion control but can also recommend helpful tips about how you can avoid scorpion problems in the future. To prevent scorpions, it’s important to eliminate harborage areas around your property, such as wood piles, lawn debris, and large stones. You should also seal all the cracks, gaps, and holes around the exterior of your house to make it harder for scorpions and other pests to get inside. Minimizing excess moisture and preventing insects and other pests scorpions hunt from getting inside your home can help deter scorpions from settling near your home

If you find scorpions on your property, don’t wait to contact Shane’s Pest Solutions. Our experience and knowledge translate into scorpion solutions for your Newnan home. Get in touch with us today to request your complimentary evaluation.

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