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Termite Solutions In Newnan, GA

Stopping Wood-Eating Insects Since 2016

Termites are among the most dangerous pests in the world. The damage they cause to homes and other structures was valued at more than five billion worldwide last year and expected to rise over time. To help protect your home from these destructive pests, you need to have a reliable pest management company in Newnan by your side.

At Shane's Pest Solutions, we have been protecting homes and businesses in the Newnan area since 2016. When it comes to termite protection, our team relies on nothing but the latest tools and knowledge to make a serious impact on all clients. Call us today to book a termite inspection within the next few days.

How Shane's Pest Solutions Treats Termite Infestations

The first step in Shane Pest Solutions' termite treatment process is an in-depth inspection both inside and outside the home. This process will typically take one to two hours and inspect all:

  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Baseboards
  • Door Frames
  • Crawl spaces

Our technicians will also evaluate other problem areas such as garages, bathrooms, kitchens, attics, and bathrooms if the need arises.

Our exterior inspection will address other elements of the home, including:

  • Walls and eaves
  • Surrounding property
  • Home foundation

Once the entire process is complete, our technician will compile all information into a singular document. They will thoroughly communicate all termite signs and symptoms discovered nearby and inform you of the next steps.

Shane's Pest Solutions will use the results of your termite inspection to come up with an action plan, which may include:

  • Granular applications
  • Trenching
  • Bait stations

Termite damage can be hard to locate, even for seasoned homeowners. For this reason, Shane's Pest Solutions conducts in-depth inspections that provide all the answers you need to take action. Call us today for your no-obligation quote.

The Best Ways To Stop Termites From Returning After Treatment

Even after your home has been adequately treated against wood-eating insects, there is always a chance that they will return. Subterranean and Formosan termites are extremely difficult to eliminate and, thanks to their large colony sizes, may send scouts back to the home to identify potential habitats.

Here are some of the best ways to stop termites from re-infesting the home after a termite treatment.

  • Protect the exterior of the home. The foundation and exterior walls of your home are one of the most common points of entry for wood-eating insects. Caulk all gaps and consider installing updated weatherproofing around doors and windows.
  • Apply a pre-treatment barrier. A pre-treatment barrier will prevent termites from swarming and infesting your home; this is best for brand-new homes and current constructions, reducing your likelihood of a wood-eating pest infestation.
  • Remove mulch in your garden. With the help of a landscaping professional, you can quickly replace damp mulch materials with peat stone, river rock, and crushed aggregate, keeping termites from coming too close.

Need some additional termite prevention tips? Get in touch with the experts at Shane's Pest Solutions by calling our Newnan office.

Shane's Pest Solutions Is Standing By With Termite Treatments At Any Time

Termite attacks can strike anywhere at any time, even on your Newnan property. If you think that wood-eating insects are beginning to infiltrate your Georgian home or business, look no further than our Newnan home pest solutions and commercial pest management professionals at Shane's Pest Solutions. We have the equipment and training to tackle your current pest situation and do away with termites quickly and succinctly.

Learn more about the Newnan, GA pest solutions we can provide. Contact Shane's Pest Solutions for a free quote at any time.

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