How To Get Rid Of Roaches In Your Newnan Home And Keep Them Out

german cockroach on a plant

Have you had the experience of waking up, stumbling into the bathroom, flipping on the lights, and seeing a cockroach run down the shower drain? Have you gone into the basement looking for an item, only to be surprised by cockroaches running behind cans as you moved them? Have you experienced the horror of eating a late-night snack in the kitchen when a roach suddenly darts out from under the refrigerator? 

If you can relate to these stories, take action and get the Newnan pest control experts from Shane's Pest Solutions. We will eliminate cockroaches in your home so you can rest easy and enjoy late-night snacks in peace!

How To Tell If You Have A Cockroach Infestation

Because cockroaches reproduce rapidly, if you see a cockroach in your Newnan home, you likely have a cockroach infestation. For example, German cockroaches are the most common species in homes; they create a new generation every 100 days! 

While you sleep, cockroaches forage and feed, so you may think you don't have a problem. The following are signs of cockroach infestation that will help you determine the scope of the issue:

  • Dark droppings resembling pepper 

  • Fecal stains 

  • Musty smell in rooms

  • Egg capsules

Look for these signs underneath furniture, behind appliances, in corners, around drains, and in dark, humid areas of the home. If you find a cockroach in your house, you likely have an infestation because more are hiding in the shadows. 

Why Roaches Are So Dangerous To Your Health

Cockroaches in your Newnan home are filthy insects traveling from food sources to nests. Food sources for cockroaches include garbage, rotting food, pet fecal droppings, and sewage. These sources harbor bacteria, viruses, and parasitic worms. As the roaches feed and walk over these disgusting materials, the spines on their cockroach legs attract the pathogens lying on the surface of these items. 

Cockroaches spread 33 different diseases like E. coli and salmonella, six parasitic worms, and seven types of human pathogens. When people contract these infections, they experience nausea, diarrhea, dehydration, cramps, vomiting, and other symptoms. Hospitalization is necessary in some cases. 

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Roaches In Your Home

The best way to get rid of cockroaches is to utilize our professionals from Shane's Pest Solutions. Our experts can identify the cockroach species infesting your home, create a custom strategy based on the species in your Newnan house, and treat your house to destroy the current population and the eggs. 

While many do-it-yourself products are on the market, if you are treating the wrong species and not destroying their eggs, then you are wasting money. Trained technicians from Shane's Pest Solutions know where to look for the eggs and will safely destroy them. In the end, the most effective pest control for cockroaches is by the professionals from Shane's Pest Solutions.

Five Tips To Prevent Future Cockroach Infestations

Once you have secured Shane's Pest Solutions to eliminate cockroaches in your Newnan home, apply these five tips to keep them out: 

  1. Vacuum the house regularly. Use a wand attachment to suction out cracks and gaps in corners and between the baseboard and walls.

  2. Wipe surfaces after meals. Disinfect the countertops and cooking surfaces, removing all crumbs. 

  3. Cover garbage cans inside and outside the home. 

  4. Store foods in air-tight containers. Do not leave pet food or fruit out during the night. 

  5. Provide adequate ventilation in the basement or crawlspace. 

In addition to these good sanitation practices inside the home, keep the yard free from debris by removing leaf piles, old wood, rotten tree stumps, and pet fecal droppings. Once we have eliminated the roaches, good sanitation practices keep cockroaches away. You don't have to live in fear of cockroaches! Contact us today and schedule an inspection. 


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