Cockroach Control 101: A Useful Guide For Newnan Homeowners

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Cockroaches are some of the most frustrating pests for homeowners. Some of the biggest frustrations they cause homeowners include the numerous ways they enter your home, how quickly the infestation can grow, and how sneaky they can be by hiding in dark, hard-to-reach areas of the house. Cockroaches can be transported from place to place in things like appliances, boxes, and secondhand furniture. They also move into adjoining units through gaps in ceilings, vents, and wall voids. If you suspect you're dealing with a cockroach infestation, the Newnan pest control professionals at Shane's Pest Solutions are here to help. 

One Cockroach Usually Means Many More

Cockroaches are social pests and can reproduce quickly. Seeing one cockroach in your home can often mean dealing with a more significant infestation. If you see one, the odds are likely others are lurking near the dark cracks and crevices of your home. They could be on their way to a full-blown infestation. The bacteria that cockroaches carry on their bodies can make you and your loved ones very sick. 

The best way to avoid having any cockroaches in your Newnan home is by preventing them in the first place. The following are ways to prevent cockroaches:

  • Cleaning thoroughly

  • Decluttering your home

  • Sealing cracks and crevices

  • Fixing leaks

  • Calling a professional

cockroach infestation can be tough to control. Preventing cockroaches is the best approach to dealing with cockroaches. Contact a professional pest control company if you suspect you have a problem with cockroaches or want help preventing one. An expert can help thoroughly inspect your home to determine food sources and points of entry. 

The Health Hazards Of A Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are not just scary to look at; they can cause issues to your health. They spread numerous bacteria that can lead to diseases, including salmonellosis, cholera, giardia, and listeriosis. You can encounter these diseases by interacting with a cockroach or through contact with cockroach fecal droppings and urine. Another way cockroaches can get people sick is by their shed skin; they break down and cause breathing problems for people with allergies and asthma. The only way to avoid the dangers of cockroaches is to keep these pests out of your home in the first place. 

Even Clean Houses Can Attract Roaches 

Cockroaches are challenging pests, and it is a common misconception that cockroaches are attracted only to dirty homes. While these insects are attracted to crumbs and dirt as a source of food, even the cleanest of houses can get an infestation. Ensuring you clean up crumbs and spills, cleaning grease from the stovetop, and sweeping and mopping frequently can help avoid cockroaches invading your home, but it's not a guarantee. Cockroaches can survive on little to no food for weeks, and they can eat a variety of different materials we don't consider food. Even if you keep your kitchen meticulously clean, cockroaches could still be attracted to a water source you aren't even aware of. They are adept at finding multiple ways to enter your home through cracks and crevices that you haven't even noticed. That's why it's best to leave the cockroach removal and prevention to pest control professionals. 

Why It Takes Professional Assistance To Get Rid Of Roaches 

Residential pest removal services are the best way to handle cockroaches. At Shane's Pest Solutions, we are proud to provide our customers with the best pest solutions in Coweta County. "From inspection to eradication," we are here for you. Whether you are looking to implement prevention measures or are currently in the middle of a pest infestation, we will provide you with the high-quality pest solutions in Newnan necessary to solve your property's unique pest issues.

Call today for your complimentary evaluation and estimate; we are here to help you solve your property's pest problems!


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