The Best Rodent Control Method For Newnan Homes

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Homeownership can be very rewarding. It allows for a personal touch and personal space, and many Newnan homeowners involve themselves in consistently working to maintain and upgrade their dwellings. A good house is great for owners, allowing them the freedom to pursue their interests. Unfortunately, a good house is also attractive to rodents. The Newnan area has its share of house rodents, and chances are that you will have an encounter with them sooner or later. You might struggle to understand what you are up against and how to deal with the problem.

Pest control in Newnan does not have to be complicated. Let Shane’s Pest Solutions do the heavy lifting for you! Call us today to see how we can get rodents out of your house so you can live in safety and peace.

The Types Of Rodents That Commonly Invade Newnan Homes

Here are the kinds of rodents that may want to make your home their home:

  • Mice: A very common, small rodent, mice tend to be reclusive, but damaging.
  • Rats: Larger than mice with similar behavior, rats may be more aggressive.
  • Gophers: Outside animals, they like to burrow in garden beds and plantings.
  • Groundhogs: Large in size, groundhogs dig large burrows.
  • Moles: Moles are small in size, but cause big damage to lawns. 
  • Squirrels: Squirrels love to get into eaves and attics, bringing high property damage potential.

Each of these rodents has different characteristics, but all of them can damage your home and property, sometimes extensively. Further, mice and rats can import diseases into your living spaces.

Don’t put up with rodents tearing up your property and endangering your health. A call to Shane’s Pest Solutions can get professional rodent control help on your side. Call us today to see how we can help you with rodent problems.

The Many Problems A Rodent Infestation Can Create In Your Home

When rodents bring themselves onto your property and into your home, they bring problems with them. Rats and mice are notorious for damaging wires, furniture, walls, and insulation. Both pose potential health risks to homeowners due to the diseases they may carry. Squirrels are also well-known chewers, and can make a mess out of attics and eaves. Like rats and mice, they are fond of insulation. Outside burrowers like moles and gophers can cause severe damage to lawns, garden beds, and landscape plantings. Groundhogs can be especially damaging to yards and property, given their fondness for digging large underground burrows. This is even more serious when they dig under existing structures. 

Rodents can cause serious property damage and potentially bring diseases with them. If you get rodents on your property — or think you may have them — contact Shane’s Pest Solutions. We have vast experience with all manner of rodents in the Newnan area, and know how to get rid of rodents.

Five Easy Yet Effective Rodent Exclusion Tips for Around-the-House

Here are some tips for how to keep rodents away from your property and home:

  1. Tightly seal all outside trash and garbage containers. Food draws rodents.
  2. Seal all outside cracks, gaps, and openings. Otherwise, rodents will exploit these.
  3. Trim bushes and hedges away from the house, and keep them that way.
  4. Be sure to securely enclose all foodstuffs inside your home. No snacks for rodents.
  5. Inspect around your home and property often. Catch infestations early to minimize them.

These methods are effective in minimizing your chances of getting rodents on your property and in your home. To be the most effective, however, secure professional pest control to help you keep your property pest-free with certainty.

Shane’s Pest Solutions can partner with you today to keep your home as you like it: rodent- and pest-free. Contact us today to get the peace of mind that you want!

Contact The Professionals For Total Rodent Control For Your Home

One of the best rodent pest control methods around your home and property is to keep them away in the first place. Unfortunately, with so many different types of rodents with so many different kinds of habits, it can be challenging to stay on top of all your pest control needs. 

To simplify your home pest and rodent control, call Shane’s Pest Solutions. We can quickly identify any and all pest and rodent problems, and then work with you on the best solutions. 

Call today, and let Shane’s Pest Solutions take the bite out of rodents!


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